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Hey Guys Come Chat


 that is the room ill be in :) 

its been a while since ive been on :/

Anonymous said: Yes, I'm someone who knows you fairly well. Still hope you're doing alright though.

Then dont take this the wrong way or in a mean way, but you should know that im not trusting of many people. Knowing who you are would make me feel better about anything u ask

Anonymous said: Wat is ur type of girl

I don’t really have a type. I like who clicks with me

Anonymous said: Just let it mean more, because I'm a masked/hidden person who is hoping you're okay. I hope the pain eases up soon

Thank you.. Are u someone that knows me well?

Anonymous said: What's wrong? What are you in the hospital for? I hope you're alright.

It would mean more if I knew who you were. And its for fibrolmialsia. It puts me in a lot of pain.

Anonymous said: Where have you gone?

Life has caught up with me. I’ve been in and out if the hospital. I am thinking if deleting this blog because right now I’m my life I just can’t keep up with it, having the health issues that have sprung up lately.